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We have designed the new logotype for Officina Pasolini, an inspiring culture hub in Rome. The goal of the project is to communicate the premiumness of the Pasolini brand in the field of Art and Culture, distinguishing between two areas: educational (referred to theatre, music, and multimedia) and events.

The new logo takes its inspiration from both architecture and the human body. The shape we sketched brings to mind a face, symbol of the human potential, and at the same time the idea of a space where it is possible to learn and perform art. The new bold shape contains the brand name “Officina Pasolini”, in homage to the great Italian director.

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We have also created the new advertising campaign which aims to communicate the new educational programs dedicated to young talents from 18 to 30 years old in the following areas: theatre, music, and Multimedia.

The claim “Formati d’Arte” invites new potential candidates to take this opportunity.
The graphic composition reinforces the message showing a pattern composed by the 3 words theatre, song, and Multimedia which designs different human characters.

The monochrome and pop use of colors is at the same time institutional and perfect to communicate to the young audience.