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The agricultural company, Trevi, has hired us to identify and target new customers, revisit its company and product image, and manage its presence on digital and social media.

More specifically, we conducted a quali-quantitative analysis of Olio il Frantoio’s target audience (Actual VS Prospect) by segmenting by socio-demographic factors like age, highest level of education, income, geographic area, cultural interests, style profile, etc. We furthered our research with an analysis of the use of Classic Media and Digital/Social Media (verification of the 2 target audience’s behaviours on various social media platforms, advertising, propensity to buy).

We analyzed the collected data to ultimately define a position for the brand’s communications in order to most effectively convey the brand/product values to the target audience. In addition, we established a creative image for the brand to guarantee uniformity across all products.

We also created a new e-shop with the goal of integrating the past with the future. The UX was greatly improved, thereby making user navigation simpler and more intuitive while at the same time facilitating client-end site management.

The responsive site structure was optimized for SEO and the texts were completely rewritten in 4 languages thereby guaranteeing better indexing.

With regards to social media, a strategy of creating content and planning advertising on Facebook and Instagram is currently in progress to target the specific audiences identified by previous analysis and introduce them to the products and quality of the il Frantoio brand.