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For Megadolciaria, a confectionery company active in the industry since 1996, we carried out a marketing and design project aimed at enhancing their brand identity and market strategy.

Starting with designing a new logo, we created a new visual identity that has been adapted to every type of communication tool, particularly: their website, social media, packaging and catalogues, newsletters, video recipes and a personalised graphic for their fleet of company vehicles.

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We also developed a storytelling strategy to share the company’s know- how with clients, suppliers and other industry professionals. To achieve this goal we developed the following materials: a company video, social media content, two catalogues (one for pastry-making, another for gelato) and various articles for trade magazines about quality, products, processes, selecting ingredients, consulting, demos and brand philosophy.

We placed specific importance on improving their digital presence, primarily through their website, online catalogue, newsletter and engaged social network accounts. In particular, we strengthened their search engine positioning on Google vis-à-vis several effective search keys and we created a valuable point of important strong reference for clients and professionals in the sector on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Every dimension of this project played an important role in the campaign’s success, in terms of an increase in revenue, as well as an increase in the company’s credibility within the confectionery industry, both at the local and national level.