23 / 24

Creative Campaign

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The idea is to communicate the excitement for the arrival of the new theater season.

The language is explicit and minimal. In the composition, an illuminated face interacts with stylized flashes of light. The face suggests an expression of astonishment, disbelief, and shouted wonder. The face represents the dual point of view of the spectator / performer and the magic of the dialogue between the two. The flashes symbolize the spotlights that turn on at the beginning of each show.

The colors, particularly the chromatic contrast with the background, are designed to capture the gaze and enhance the effectiveness of the communication.

The campaign is implemented on various communication media, including billboards, newspapers, brochures, and social media. There are also plans to create multi-subject variants with different color combinations, each characterizing the program of one of the theaters in the 21 municipalities of Lazio.

ATCL 23/24