Spazio Rossellini

We have designed the logotype and the corporate identity for Spazio Rossellini, the new cultural hub dedicated to multidisciplinary activities and artistic projects in Rome.

The new identity takes its cue from the modernity and the versatility of the venue, an open space with a minimal style, equipped with technological system and contemporary facilities.

The sense of modernity and design is expressed throughout, from the clean font and shapes up to the essential colour palette.

Stripping away all but the name of the location, the logo consists of an extremely legible lettering and a graphic system composed of basic shapes to recall the core concepts of design and innovation. Geometrical elements gives dynamism and convey the idea of multifunctionality since Spazio Rossellini is suited to host istitutional, artistic and creative activities. The choise of the black and white emphatize the modernity and style of the space and the touch of red evokes the bond with the entertainment and artistic world.

In the advertising materials the overlap between images of the location and specific keywords linked to the art world helps to communicate the core essence of this venue: the perfect balance between multyfunctionality, modernity and simplicity.