Spazio Diamante

For Spazio Diamante, a Brancaccio group theater, we created the new visual identity for the 2018 theater season and managed the corresponding Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Our main objective was to design a visual identity that could effectively portray the Spazio’s role as part of a bigger project to promote the territory’s culture.

With this in mind, we brought a graphic theme to life that not only connects the young audience to the world of art but also highlights the range of disciplines that characterize Spazio Diamante.

The communication materials we created are dynamic, modern, and visual. The main graphic element of the visual content features abstract geometrical forms, one for each type of event at Spazio Diamante: art, music, theater, circus.

In terms of social media management, we created and promoted 30 pieces of content per month according to a targeted plan of investment that we carefully tracked and monitored to obtain the desired results.

On Instagram, we designed and implemented a feed that consistently alternates pictures from the shows with their playbills and features chromatic overlays that highlight each individual category.