Mega Dolciaria

Megadolciaria, a wholesaler of raw confectionery materials, chose us to manage the marketing and creation of the new corporate image as well as to research and launch a line of branded products.

The brand’s new logotype displays three stylized dessert spoons meant to recall the texture of cream and therefore the world of sweets. The “handcrafted passion” conveys the owner’s daily commitment and dedication to consistently raising the quality level.

Corporate ID
We decided to separate the bakery line of products from the ice cream line by using two separate icons: The ice cream cone and the whisk. The graphic design is modern and finished so that it is immediately recognizable by clear and distinct details.

In managing Mega Dolciaria’s social media accounts, our focus is to share the story and methods of production of the raw materials used in their sweets. It is a balance of technique, passion, recipes, and training. Master Italian pastry chefs tell the story of these high-quality ingredients through a series of courses, a journey in which all secrets are revealed to create the highest profile desserts. We create graphic and photographic content to promote and effectively share these processes, thereby giving life to an ever-growing passionate community.

Photo shoot
We also conducted a photo shoot in collaboration with the award-winning David Malizia. The goal of the photo shoot was to create a new brand catalogue that represents the philosophy and quality of the endorsed products.

Web design and SEO
We also created a new website. The UX was greatly improved, thereby making user navigation simpler and more intuitive while at the same time facilitating client-end site management.
The responsive site structure was optimized for SEO and the texts were completely rewritten in Italian thereby guaranteeing better indexing.