Will Instagram Pods change the way users, bloggers and influencers increase their popularity? For some months, some Instagrammers have met in secret groups with the intent of increasing the popularity of their profiles.

The goal is to gather the maximum number of interactions in the five minutes following a post. To do this, every user needs reactive fans who are especially ready to write a comment or add a like. But how do you get this result?


Instagram Pods are born to meet this need. But what are they? Instagram Pods are communities of creators who agree to comment and like the content of other members of the community in the hope of increasing their popularity.

This phenomena is growing and to date spreads through word-of-mouth. The members of each community, in fact, are the only ones presenting to other group members and presenting an invitation to join.

What is the ultimate goal?

Until March 2016, Instagram posts appeared on each user’s feed in chronological order. But since then things have changed. The current algorithm calculates the popularity of a post and automatically attributes greater importance to some content than others.

The development of pods occurred because of this Instagram algorithm. Instagrammers believe that increasing engagement in their content will increase their popularity because the algorithm will label their content as “good content” that is capable of gaining quality interaction from individual users.

The phenomena is too recent and many fear that Instagram may change the algorithm again thereby making the Pods ineffective. But the existing communities are gathering more and more users, which encourages a growing and organized interaction within the social network.

What will be the epilogue?